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Our Story

Over 12 years ago, we attended a well-known Chocolate Fest in Burlington, WI, over the Memorial Day weekend. We were hooked! Offering gourmet chocolate to clients over the years has been a great ride. Now…our journey continues.

We learned the basics of bean-to-bar manufacturing under the tutelage of Ed Seguine, with Seguine Cacao Cocoa & Chocolate Advisors. We’ve traveled to the following cacao-producing areas: Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Hawaii, Oahu, Maui and Kauai. We are privileged to know some of the premier bean-to-bar manufacturers in the USA.

Throughout the past 12+ years, our Chocolatier, Kay Thibodeaux, has honed her skills as a chocolatier. As a graduate of Ecole Chocolat certified in Chocolate Technique, she has also taken classes at Ethel M’s in Henderson, NV; Johnson & Wales in Denver, CO; The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC; Fischer & Weiser in Fredericksburg, TX; New Orleans School of Cooking; and Wiseman House Chocolates in Hico, TX.

FUNdraising continues to be a large part of our business. Using high quality Belgian chocolate and gourmet, handcrafted products, we offer a turn-key system to help maximize the organization’s time and efforts.

We are excited to bring gourmet chocolate to YOU at YOUR location with the use of our Chocolate Adventure motorhome. Whether it be to pair chocolate with liquor (wine, beer, spirits) or food, to teach classes on truffle-making or simply to relax with a great bite of unique chocolate, we are here to take you on your own chocolate adventure.